Business Utility Switching Process In The UK To Reduce Energy Bill Cost


Publish on: 12/7/16 3:12 PM

Written by Elizabeth Ireland

Step 1: Contact Us For Utility Service

The first step of the utility switching process in the UK is to request a quote. To request a quote you can visit our website or call us directly on 0843 9033201. Once we have received your request a member of the Watt team will contact you – via your preferred method of contact – to collect and confirm information that is essential in order for us to source rates that are relevant for your business’s needs. This information will include;
Current supplier
Contract end date
Preferred contact term
Estimated annual consumption (this is how much energy you consume, and can be found on your recent utility bill)
How many sites and meters your company has
What type of meter you have
The easiest way for you to obtain and provide us with the correct information is to have a recent utility bill, your company’s information, and bank details to hand when requesting a quote. We will need your bank details in order to set up a direct debit.

Step 2: Competitive Utility Market Research

Once we have all the information we need for switching energy, we will go away and conduct a full energy market comparison to source and provide you with the most competitive rates for your business.

Step 3: Sign LOA To Switch Energy Supplier

If you are happy to proceed with the renewal or switch energy supplier, we will need you to complete a Letter of Authority (LOA). An LOA is a quick and easy way for you to authorize us to work on your behalf in regard to your energy supply arrangements.

An LOA also allows us – with your permission – to terminate your current energy contract, which will help to ensure a smooth transition. You can access our online LOA here.

Step 4: Sign A Utility Contract Agreement With Supplier

Step 5: Accept & Receive Agreement Document

The next step in the energy supplier switching process is to complete a contract agreement, which can be done with either a verbal recording or a Docusign – this can be sent to you via email. The agreement will then be audited before it is submitted to the supplier, to ensure that it is compliant with the supplier’s terms and conditions.

Once the new supplier has completed all of their checks and accepted the agreement you will receive a welcome pack, which will include all of the relevant information regarding your energy supply and contract.

Step 6: Finally Switching The Utility Supplier

Your energy supply will be transferred on your agreed live date.

Aftercare Of Switching The Utility

We will contact you again when you are due for renewal. This will give you enough time to negotiate an alternative energy contract for your large business before your current one ends, which will prevent you from paying, far more expensive, out-of-contract rates.

If you are interested in switching or renewing your business energy contact us today.

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